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>> Nicholas Ong

As an author deeply intrigued by the essence of terror, my journey into the world of writing is a reflection of this fascination. Born and raised in Singapore, my experiences there profoundly shaped my perception of fear and horror. During my time in Singapore's national service, I often found myself in more moments of idleness than I'd like. In these pockets of stillness, I began to find time to create my stories for my comrades who were serving time with me.

Oct 4, 1993
Nicholas OngNicholas OngNicholas Ong
Nicholas OngNicholas OngNicholas Ong

Thanks to their support, I released my first novel, Sweetheart, in 2015. This was followed by my second work, Bedtime Stories for the Ill, published in 2022. While my life has recently become more of a frenzy, my commitment to writing remains steadfast, with more artistic work on the horizon.

Nicholas Ong

We will bring you to the world where someone’s death is our desire.

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